Monday, October 8, 2012

Woh Jo Shairi Ka Sabab Hua

Woh Jo Shairi Ka Sabab Hua (That which made me a poet) is an anthology of poems of various lengths by Janab Kaleem Aajiz Sb. The book begins with forewords by several eminent literati and a short life story of the poet himself. The life-story, written in lucid Urdu, touches the hearts of the readers and arouses more emotions that a well-planned novel would do. It is a tragedy and a heart-rending one at that. Sadly though, it is a real story. Perhaps, the most interesting part of the 400-page anthology appears to be the tragic story depicting the smiling, talking, teasing child Kaleem at his home villlage, then crying and wailing Kaleem.while leaving the village for study at Calcutta. The story also talks about the life in general at the peaceful and cultured village of Tilhara till all comes to an ugly end in November 1946. Listen to the audio books which cover the main story starting at page 80 and ending at page 178:

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  1. Great story well presented in audio format. But the audio quality is not so great.